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Hei Kaveri!~♫


the dominos website glitched and i give you nonexistant pizza with left beef

what she said: i'm fine
what she meant: none pizza with left beef


dear diary

the year is 3045

i am still laughing about “none pizza with left beef”


My roommate just ordered “none pizza with left beef”

Dominos called him after placing the order online to make sure it was not a mistake. It is too early to be laughing this hard


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Why you should follow Denny’s on Tumblr

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2007 was so important

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so in my new apartment there’s a random hole in the wall, just big enough for a drake bell shrine

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" Some people die at 15 but aren’t buried until 85 "

- I’ve been dead inside for quite awhile (falling-deeperinlove)

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When people ask me what makes me happy, I always reply with Hockey. They always get confused and immediately ask why it’s not something else like hanging out with friends or hiking, or whatever.

What they don’t understand is the millions of things within hockey that spark a…


"What is a soulmate?" ⇒ [inspiration]

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chicago blackhawks, a summary (part 1, insp by x)

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"Always had a smile on his face and he was always in a great mood. And I’ll always remember every single night we spent together on the road, because we were roommates. And, you know, his smile will probably be what sticks in my head forever." - Jimmy Howard on Stefan Liv

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my nickname!tags for ⇒ Evgeni Malkin

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ya i eat ass

This is my favorite screencap

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